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For over 3 decades, IFBB has established itself as a powerhouse in the successful procurement of personal training and bodybuilding, physical fitness, nutrition academies for certification in the United Arab Emirates.

Operating through a program basing itself on scientifically accurate knowledge facilitated through a revolutionary training platform – we aim to transform our clients into incredibly knowledgeable, respected, and high-paid professionals.

We have successfully designed an order of operations that combines quality and value. We go above and beyond in order to provide the most recent, and updated knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing. We recognize that information is always changing and being updated.

How We Will Help You Stand Out

IFBB goes above and beyond basic education. Our experts have crafted and designed programs to ensure upon completion you will be set apart from other trained students. We pave the path to a long and fulfilling journey into the health and fitness industry. Not only will you be changing the lives of clients but you will be changing yours for the better.

We pride ourselves on providing in-depth knowledge about anatomy and nutrition – to result in advanced levels of Bodybuilding theory, along with stellar ideologies around health, wellbeing, and performance. You will be a shining star in the industry and will stand out in a crowd due to your knowledge that is above and beyond what is offered by other academies.

Upon receiving an IFBB certification, you will be able to work in:

Nutrition clinics

Wellness centers

Sports and Health Clubs


Fitness Centers


Why Become An IFBB Certified Trainer?

You can re-attend any of our courses for life.

You get a graduate discount on all future courses.

Refer a friend and you will get a discount voucher to be used for any of our courses.

If you sign up with a friend you get a partner/buddy discount.

• Provide your current or future clients with customized training programs unique to their needs and individual fitness goals – beyond basic standards.
Gain in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal structures and how they respond to exercise and movements. Become fluent in anatomy!
• Learn how to effectively communicate with clients and provide well-versed personal direction to create long-lasting bonds develop a good verbal presence.
• Benefit from receiving recognition by the UAE government on International standards to be globally recognized as a certified fitness professional so you can take your knowledge with you wherever you go.