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Personal Fitness Trainer Specialization

The Personal Fitness Trainer Specialist course has 3 Levels based on your stage.

The aim of the qualification is to train learners to a professionally competent level, allowing them to prescribe, plan, and deliver safe and effective exercise programs to their clients – through an internationally recognized curriculum.

You will be educated in

• Physiology And Anatomy.
• Weight Training Principles.
• Alternative Technology To Doping.
• Nutrition.

Weight Trainer Prescription

Module 1

- The Physiology Of Exercise.

- weight Training.


Module 2

- Doping Alternative.

- Personalized Nutrition.

Level 1

Weight Trainer Prescription 2


Module 3
- Training Cycles.
- Warm-Up.
- Stretching.
- Basic Breathing And Muscle Relaxation Techniques.
- Practical Training Principles.
- Cardiovascular Training.

Module 4
- Physical Assessment.
- Practical Nutrition.
- Spot Marketing.

Level 2

Personal Fitness Trainer Workshop


- 5 Basic Laws Of Weight Training.
- Weight Training Principles.
- Muscle Imbalances.

Level 3

Your Learning Pack:
You will have access to a comprehensive set of resources to complete your course. Depending on which qualification you are completing these may include:

• Module booklets.
• Course guide.
• Tutor support.
• Access 24/7 to our Learning Centre.
• Textbook.
• IFBB sport Academy bags or IFBB sport Polo shirts.
• News about upcoming Special IFBB events.

Our courses are structures for our student's preferences and completely flexible. We offer structured face-to-face training and suit students with more time dedicated to learning at our extensive IFPP fitness center at our headquarters.

Upon completion of a course, you will receive:
• A certification that is locally and internationally recognized.
• A Course Licensure Card.

Personal Fitness Trainer Specialization