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The Advanced Bodybuilding & Fitness certification course has 3 Levels based on your stage.

The aim of the qualification is to further train learners to an advanced level, allowing them to prescribe, plan, and deliver safe and effective exercise programs to their clients – through an internationally recognized curriculum. Students will continue their theoretical knowledge, competencies, and skills that will result in the success of their CPT professions and ensure consistent coaching. Students will graduate with skills on how to devise, conduct, and evaluate excursive programs for unique clients through a slightly more advanced medical background.

You will be educated in:
• Musculoskeletal Systems.
• General Physiology.
• Physiology And Exercise.
• Injuries.
• Anthropometrics.
• Kinesiological Foundations Of Weight Training.

Level 4

Weight Trainer Specialist

Theme 1
- Basic Concepts of the Musculo Skeletal System.

Theme 2

- General Physiology.

Theme 3
- Physiology of Exercise.

Weight Trainer Specialist 2

Theme 4
- Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Theme 5
- Basic Concepts of Anthropometrics.

Theme 6
- Kinesiological Foundations of Weight Training.

Level 5

Workshops (Physical)

- Module 1
- Module 2
- Module 3

Level 6

Your Learning Pack:
You will have access to a comprehensive set of resources to complete your course. Depending on which qualification you are completing these may include:

• Module booklets.
• Course guide.
• Tutor support.
• Access 24/7 to our Learning Centre.
• Textbook.
• IFBB sport Academy bags or IFBB sport Polo shirts.
• News about upcoming Special IFBB events.

Our courses are structures for our student's preferences and completely flexible. We offer structured face-to-face training and suit students with more time dedicated to learning at our extensive IFPP fitness center at our headquarters.

Upon completion of a course, you will receive:
• A certification that is locally and internationally recognized.
• A Course Licensure Card.

Advanced Bodybuilding Fitness Certification

Advanced Bodybuilding Fitness Certification